Art Museums and String Art Kits

The mission of the Springfield Museum of Art is to collect, exhibit and preserve works of art for the benefit of all individuals, while encouraging the education and participation in, and the enjoyment and appreciation of the arts.

The Springfield Art Association was organized in 1946 by a group of concerned artists and citizens who felt a need for a visual arts facility in the community. Beginning in 1946, exhibitions were held, first in the buildings of supportive area businesses, and later in leased gallery spaces, until 1967 when the first component of the present facility was built. In 1951, the organization was able to offer art classes to both adults and children.

In December, 1952, the Association was formally incorporated. During those years, workshops were held with nationally recognized artists. When the Association was able to erect its own building in 1967, it was designed for the express purposes of exhibitions and educational programs. At that time, it was determined that a permanent collection of art objects would foster interest in the visual arts, as well as encourage excellence in the work of students enrolled in classes. The name was changed to the Springfield Art Center and they frequently participate in DIY string art activities.

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