Most Common Home Warranty Questions

What is a property warranty?
A property warranty is just a company commitment that helps protect homeowners against the cost of sudden protected repairs of their significant devices and devices that break up tear. and due to normal wear

I’ve homeowner’s insurance. Why do I need a property warranty?
Your insurance is hazard insurance, and simply covers things broken in shoots, flooding, breeze, and also natural disasters. A home warranty repairs effectively maintained technical systems that crash as a result of normal and house appliances damage.

Devices and my mechanical methods are outdated. Is that this protected?
Yes, the age of a house or its systems and appliances doesn’t matter. We protect things that have been effectively and in good condition that is working maintained.

Can I register a home warranty program if I am not in a genuine estate exchange?
Yes, you can buy a property warranty program during home ownership. You do not have to be involved with a genuine estate purchase of all kinds.

What’re some situations of a state being denied?
Alternative Home Guarantee doesn’t protect unfamiliar or known preexisting problems, misuse, punishment, or inability to scrub or take care of appliances. and the covered devices

Before ordering a property warranty, do I would like a house examination?
No, though it is an excellent strategy to get your property inspected to ensure all items come in order that is great. Therefore, the deal doesn’t cover any unknown or known preexisting problems.

While does coverage begin so when does it conclude?
Insurance begins 1 month after registration and receipt of suitable contract charges and remains out of your start-date for 365. If you’re ready to offer proof prior coverage through another warranty provider, showing no-lapse of warranty protection, CHW will be able to start your coverage once your old policy ends.

What if I would like customer service?
Create one toll free phone to our Statements Section. Our call center can be obtained twenty-four hours each day, seven days a week, 365 days annually. You may even send claim online.

Is there a service contact payment?
Yes, you’re needed to pay industry support call fee per claim, regardless of what the specific price of the restoration or replacement your lined item.

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