Preparing for Fitness

The body’s cycle involves the breaking down of muscle tissues and rebuilding the same. This process of breakdown and rebuilding is a normal life process, known as ‘protein turnover.’ When this building activity (anabolism) exceeds the breakdown part (catabolism) you gain muscle tissue and vice versa. Therefore to build muscle tissue your goal should be to just slightly shift the balance in favor of anabolism.

Remember you lose muscles more by not eating than by cardiovascular training. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular training along with eating adequate nutrients can help to increase muscle. Remember if your aim is to gain muscle you should include some cardiovascular training in your schedule. Aerobics are the supporters in the overall muscle building process and are normally not responsible for muscle loss.

Some say that the hardest part of getting in shape is getting started. If that’s true, then congratulations on taking that first step! High-intensity interval training is the best way to get into shape.

I’m sure you’ve seen and been intimidated by those highly fit people you on television, in the movies, and even running around your neighborhood. The good news is that anyone can become physically fit, and even if you don’t aspire to become the next Bruce Jenner, you’ll still reap the health benefits that come with fitness. To help you get started, we’ve put together this handy guide of things to do to prepare.

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