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Question 1: Although I am not overweight, I still have saddlebags. It seems to run in my family. I know you can’t spot-reduce, but I was wondering whether they might be some kind of allergic reaction to food or something else? What can I do?

Question 2: How can you be thin all over but still have a lump of dimpled fat (cellulite) on the outside of your thighs? Should I take Cellasene? Do more cardio or jump rope training? What works?


First, let’s reiterate what we do know:

You absolutely can’t spot-reduce. All the sit-ups in the world won’t get rid of flab around the abs, and all the lunges and leg lifts in the world won’t get rid of flab around the thighs. Does that mean you shouldn’t do those exercises? Not at all. It just means you can’t expect exercising the problem area to remove the fat around it.

Genetics do have a great influence on the way fat is distributed on your body. Your heritage isn’t your destiny, but knowing what your tendencies are with regard to storing weight and building muscle can help you a lot in planning a diet and exercise regimen.

Cellulite is fat that has been trapped in fibrous pockets close to the skin. Like water in very shallow shaded creeks, it tends to stay put even when the rest of the river is drying up. Some people have put forth the theory that cellulite is a particular “kind” of fat, with a higher level of toxins stored in it, but this is pure armchair speculation.

Does Cellasene work? No. Save your money.

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